The Forgotten Battalion Clan

Clan Members

Blue year indicates original members from beginning of the clan (Feb 12, 2015)

Retired indicates being inactive/no response for more than 6 months

Away indicates player has given notice of being inactive due to non-game circumstances for a period of time

<T|F|B>The ShadowClan Leader / FounderActive2015
<T|F|B>Le Mouton NoirAdminActive2015
<T|F|B> Sinpy / The BeaverAdminActive2015
<T|F|B> MooAdminInactive2015
<T|F|B>MotleycristoSenior MemberRetired2015
<T|F|B>WANGERSenior MemberRetired2017
<T|F|B>Monterrey(mex)Senior MemberRetired2017
<T|F|B> WolverineMemberActive2020
<T|F|B> Mr.HighspeedMemberActive2021
<T|F|B> HandsMemberActive2021
<T|F|B> Ico_G2.uyMemberRetired2022
<T|F|B>Adel / Mr. MurdererMemberRetired2017

Friends of The Forgotten Battalion Clan

[NG] Jardi-Gol PT                                                                     {K03R}BigDog

!<UKS>! Snapper                                                                     !<UKS>! sadist

!<UKS>! SINISTER                                                                  {BMB}Disciple 

Ale                                                                                               ___UN_NAVATO_______

Ficelle                                                                                          [=CDX=] MITCHEL[NL]

[=CDX=] VATEC6000                                                             {Dogg.P}Atomic Dogg

{Dogg.P}Omega Dogg                                                            {Dogg.P}Lone Dogg

{Dogg.P}Taterhead                                                                {Dogg.P}Busy Boi

{Dogg.P}Eraser                                                                       {Dogg.P}MajorSHORT

=[|T-G|]=((Old Fox))|Ldr                                                     =[|T-G|]=Skaemma|Ldr

=[|T-G|]=Mada|Gen                                                              =[|T-G|]=MATRIX|A

River Plate!                                                                                <TWL> Shadow

{Dogg.P}Busy Boi II                                                                {Dogg.P}Cap_Peeler

{Dogg.P}Lt. Ace Dogg                                                             {Dogg.P}Tony Dogg