The Forgotten Battalion Clan


- Play Fair (No wallhack, chams, aimbot, recoil cheat, etc.)

- Be respectful to all players

- No Recruiting/Advertising for other clans or servers while at our server

- Melt/Free your teammates (DON'T HOLD THE GAME UP)

- No whining about weapons (WE ARE AN ALL WEAPONS SERVER)

- Don't complain about type-killing... We allow it.

- Clan Members must have the tags <T|F|B> In front of their name

Want to join the clan?


If you want to join our clan, we ask that you notify an admin and fill out the application under the section named "Join Our Clan" on this site. The questions are for us to get a better idea who you are, and if you are serious about joining our clan. Let us know about things such as how long you have played the game, where you are from (timezone) so we can understand when to expect to see you, and any past clans you have been in. You will get an email back including a date server admins will watch you play, meet you on the server etc. We expect members to maintain good conduct and respect all players and other members. Also members are not allowed to use cheats such as wall hacks, no recoil, or any other similar cheat. We expect that if you would like to join our clan you already know about how our server is, and our ALL WEAPONS policy. We are open to suggestions on how to make our server better, but will not make immidate changes for new players who just don't like our settings.

How to download Skins/maps

After you click download on your desired file (map, skin, weapon, etc) you will find your file on your desktop or in a downloads folder. Next copy the downloaded .pk3 file and go to your medal of honor main folder. Main is for Allied Assault, Mainta is for Spearhead, and Maintt is for Breakthrough. Choose the folder for the game you intend to play your downloaded mod with, and paste the .pk3 file inside one of these main folders. Your map/mod should now be included in your game, email our clan if you have any problems.